Book Notes and Commentary

Responses to Email and Facebook Comments:

...Whether talking about wisdom or consensus, it diminishes proportionally as the number in the group increases.

When you work or act to benefit or further human advancement you are doing good. Likewise trying to please others, making others happy is good. When you are purposely doing the opposite you are being exploitative or, in your terms, evil. What other morality do you need?

The universe apparently does not exist for us nor we for it. We are an anomaly and evolved over time. We do however attempt to create an organized and orderly society. We do make progress but with many setbacks and as humans we continually slip up and act in a selfish interest at the expense of others.

Its all good. Humans are an anomaly in our knowledge of the universe and we have no role to play in the universe. The only reasonable path humans have is to work together to lessen the struggle that faces us all as we try to survive on a sliver of this single planet.

I generally don't follow people, I follow ideas.

What to do with your life? Live and work within the common good and human progress and enjoy the personal benefit from this. Don't exploit or harm others. Try not to be a burden to society. Enjoy your personal freedom and within those bounds pursue your interests.

Organizing for Change; Where to Start

Of course, I think reading my book is an acceptable place to start. It is my distillation of ideas and ideals that I have collected and over a half century. I believe in my work as a system for human organization and a capable vehicle for human progress. If you can find part of all of it useful I am delighted.

Change in America only requires enough people join together to become the majority of the main political party in their area or to be able garner just over half of the voters in any given election. For some issues being a reliable block for for another candidates and issues might get some specific legislation passed. That is a good strategy. Another avenue, as political parties have a strangle-hold over American elections, is to become a 'caucus' within the main party with different values and they would just have to live with it. Of course, you might could build a third party. Ross Perot almost did that in the 1990's but it ended when his name recognition his money left.

Future topics-

Weapon stockpiles
Terrorists and Organized Criminals
Violence rating System|Brainwashing by Reinforcement
The meaning of Freedom today
Terms- Pollution verse Climate control
Goodness is not Exclusive to Religion
Manicuring the Planet
Noise Pollution
More and more on ecology and the environment.
Why is Africa and other third world countries poor?

System of Clarity

The book can be divided into several parts. The first element consists of building a foundation on which to base the reforms. They are the common good, common benefit, and civility. These three universal values serve as a filter in which all the reforms in my book pacan pass and this should apply to any code or binding agreement anywhere including all the laws of the land and all the documents from which governments take their legitimacy. Any portions that do not pass through the filters must be removed. Old laws, customs, etc are not 'grandfathered' in they must be removed as we are making reforms. There is more on this in my book.

The second section presents reforms to promote consumer protections and offers a new vision for how the workplace can be more successful and rewarding for both capitol and labor in the future. It requires corporations to be responsible citizens as well. It directs the focus of government, commerce, and social activities toward building and retaining a vibrant middle class.

The third section of the book is about human advancement worldwide. We must end war, hunger, and poverty. Developed nations must help undeveloped nations. The book expands on why this is pragmatic as well as being the right thing to do.

Implementing any of the programs or reforms in my book will affect the tax bill of working people nor will the rich notice any real difference in their wealth. There is enough money in the world to accomplish these adjustments at current rates of taxation. Nor is it a liberal thing or a conservative thing. It is a question of human progress. The choice is between those who wish to move forward and those who wish to look backward.

What's Next-

Hopefully, I would like for people to come together to help bring about some of the reforms listed in this book along with social and recreational functions too as few like to do nothing but work all the time. Perhaps it would be primarily on the internet or with some actual brick and mortar community centers. But first, let's try to get to first base, as it were, and see if the book will cause people to come together in any numbers at all... we have to do that before we can change the world.

In a World of limited resources, those who seek help must want the help and want to build on the help they receive-

Poverty- They must want to move up and want to improve their position in the world
War Zones- They must be willing to stop fighting if they want peace
Prison- They must be willing to abide by the rules of society and go the extra mile to show that to others


I'm not too worried about meritocracy if I can tax the super successful to help those who need a helping hand up. If fact, I would use the skills of the super successful to find permanent solutions to age-old problems. Still, though we will organize the world for the middle class not as a game board for those who wish to have a contest of abilities for success.

In the Next Book "Jimism" will focus on Individual Self-Improvement and Life Planning

This would be for those individuals who have such a interest. It has nothing to do with political reform or politics and in no way is required reading for those only interests are for the topics of change as listed in the "Paradise" book.